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Empower Yourself Coaching programs offer the most current information on leadership development. We educate and interact with participants to build their self-awareness, self-care, and communication skills of limitless potential. Each program is delivered as live day long workshop for your staff.

What is My Value and Purpose Here?
Self-Awareness for Healthcare Professionals.

This training focuses on the capacity for introspection and ability of healthcare professionals to recognize themselves as an individual and team member of their work environment. Without self-awareness, an employee cannot understand or assess their own strengths and weakness, which decreases the options of tools to perform and work effectively with teammates.

Burnout, Blues, and Busyness:
Self-Care for Healthcare Professionals

This training teaches healthcare professionals how to incorporate self-care into their daily routine and prevents burnout, blues, and busyness. Positions in healthcare require an empathic presence. Over time physical and psychological resources of the employee diminish. Self-care must be encouraged by organizations to prevent burnout, blues and busyness among employees.

Do You Hear Me? Do You See Me?
Communication of Limitless Potential for Healthcare Professionals

Clear, direct, and synergistic communication provides a path of healing, teamwork and growth in an organization. This training encourages healthcare professionals to create an environment where every human may reach their highest potential.

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