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We believe healthcare organizations are hubs for learning, growing, and transforming how service is performed worldwide. We focus our energy in three areas, in engaged workforces committed to serving the mission, employees feeling supported in their endeavors, and an enjoyable workplace full of options to lead.

Empower Yourself Coaching knows that two essential components of thriving healthcare organizations are an engaged workforce and an enjoyable workplace. Through an integrated system of coaching and education, we train individuals within organizations leadership, focused on the skills of conflict resolution, responsibility, and teamwork.
These leadership skills increase employee satisfaction, retention, improved company morale and higher productivity.

Molly Hillig Rodriguez, RN, BSN, MPH

Molly Hillig Rodriguez, RN, BSN, MPH


Her experience as a registered nurse and public health professional has shown her the striking difference between failing and thriving nursing teams. Molly found that she and her co-workers often ended up placing the blame, productivity, and responsibility on others instead of taking responsibility. After completing an intensive coaching training, Molly was able to recognize the belief and behavioral systems that impede individuals from performing their best and enjoying life.

Molly has developed and hosted 7 international retreats structured around the empowerment of personal relationships. Her professional experience includes relationship coaching, nursing, public health, and Salsa dancing. Molly is bilingual and has traveled to 15 countries. She brings the best of her energy and expertise to her endeavors. When she is not working or on the dance floor, she is hiking with her husband and son.

Kate Taylor, MA, MTBC

Kate Taylor, MA, MTBC

Leadership Trainer & Coach

Kate comes to Empower Yourself Coaching with nearly two decades of experience as a music therapist. Kate is an authentic, compassionate, healer who enjoys using her skills as a therapist to lead dynamic, creative and innovative workshop training around the country and online to global audiences. Kate brings a calming presence and creative twist to all of the experiences and exercises she leads. She holds a Bachelor of Music and Master of Arts degrees in music therapy and has also completed advanced clinical training in music supported imagery for self-awareness and exploration.  Some of the highlights of her career include training new therapists through avenues of professional supervision and developing wellness and employee retention programs that focus on diversity and compassion fatigue.  From birth through the end of life care, Kate has served the entire life spectrum and depth of experiences as a clinician. During this current season of her career, Kate is proud to be integrating her skills as a therapist with her passion for coaching and training to make significant and sustainable changes in healthcare employee wellness, job satisfaction and performance. Kate believes that having happy, fully aware employees will lead to authentic and sustainable caring for the clients you serve.

Steve Blank

Leadership Coach

Steve‘s zest for life led him to Health Coaching, which has been his primary focus for several years now. He became certified in early 2017 at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. He has a history of successful consulting and coaching in Transportation and Logistics, Drumming and Percussion, Life and Relationships, and Team Building.  He writes upbeat and inspirational music, and has written a book on relationships called “Derailing the Abuse Train”, and a book on how to drive called “Zen and the Art of Driving”.

He uses and teaches Plant-Based Remedies, facilitates his Rhythm Game events with his electronic drums, and grows organic food year-round in their home near Chicago.  He has 3 girls and 2 grandsons and lives with his Life Partner, Barb, who taught him what Unconditional Love is.  His wish is for us to live our happy, healthy life NOW!
Naomi Rosenblum

Naomi Rosenblum

Accounts Lead

Naomi Rosenblum brings her love for the outdoors and passion of processes to Empower Yourself Coaching. She is currently enrolled in the Wharton School of Business concentration in finance and accounting. A love for reading, current events and investing keep Naomi up to date on the challenges healthcare organizations face.  

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